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Arindam Sil (Chairman & Managing Director)
Arindam’s corporate background, professional outlook and dreams to make better cinema from this part of the country urged him to take up the reins of film making at this phase of his life. Being an active participant and official of the yearly Kolkata Film Festival, Arindam’s interaction with film makers across the world helped him progress towards his goal. His close association with film maker Anjan Dutt also inspired him to take his first step into film production with actress Roopa Ganguly. With a concept so unique, A Fistful of Films (Ek Mutho Chhobi) was made with six directors telling six stories in one film. Arindam came into limelight once again when he designed and took charge as an Executive Producer of Anjan Dutt’s much acclaimed film – The Bong Connection. This film was the first film to be made from Kolkata where fifty percent of a film’s shooting took place in the United States. Arindam’s man management, tremendous public relation skills, in-depth knowledge in film making and a character so full of integrity makes him popular amongst his friends and colleagues and votes him as a natural choice for any ambitious project of film making from Kolkata or Bombay. Arindam is presently the most sought after Executive Producer in the city. Although, he continues to be an actor, Arindam has become more selective in the process. He, with his debut film Aborto, has taken up direction along with his role of a fine actor, sensitive producer and the beat executive producer in town. Arindam is one of the most socially active citizens of Kolkata balancing his pursuits of creation and social commitments diligently. With his house Nothing Beyond Cinema (NBC) Arindam and his team dreams to create meaningful realistic entertaining production in Television and Cinema.